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Hello and welcome to my blog Shannon Reads.

So obvisouly my name is Shannon. I am 19 years old, scottish, bisexual, aromantic, hufflepuff and a photographer.

I decided to make this blog because  I love reading and I wanted to talk to more people about the books I read. I was lucky enough because a few of my friends do read so I did get to talk to them about books, but we didn’t always read the same books. Since I read some books that they didn’t I had no one to fangirl to when I loved a book. I can happily do that on here!

I am now also a booktuber! How crazy is that? I started blogging because I was to scared to start booktube and now i’m doing both!

I actually used to hate reading when I was younger so it definitely suprised my parents when I started to want books. The reason I started to get into reading was because of wattpad. After going all of the not so good stories, I got to the amazing ones that left me amazed and wanted to read more. The first proper physical book I read was The Fault In Our Stars so that has a special place in my heart.

If you are new to my blog then please leave a comment telling me the first book you ever read and I hope you have a lovely day! 

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Email: shannonreads94@gmail.com



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  1. I only just discovered your blog! I love it! I noticed that you saw the Reader Problems Book Tag post, if you check back now you’ll see that I tagged you! Xx

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      1. No problem! Thank you so much- I’m glad you enjoy my writing! No problem again! Will pop back to your blog soon! X


  2. Probably an illustrated book and then one of those little paper books with paper covers, I’ve been reading forever so I don’t remember things like that exactly, they get mixed up with each other if I go back to the start. I started reading on my own at 7, 8 or 9, (early 2000s) again, don’t exactly remember, Enid Blyton and the like, and some in my native language Urdu, all children books, I could recover a few names and descriptions but they can’t make exact sense to you. But a proper title would be HP when I was 12, that’s when I got serious about reading, when it became more than a hobby. 🙂
    What got you into reading finally?

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    1. Harry Potter is the main book that got people into reading!
      One day I started to read on wattpad and I found some amazing books on there and then I asked my mum for TFIOS for christmas one year and that was the very first physical book I read. I have loved reading ever since!☺

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      1. I had been reading, I loved reading, but reading HP, that made me someone who takes her reading seriously, I knew it was going to stay, like it became so hard to read during university, and I see many people who have given up reading because of their studies but I knew I had to make it work and I am so glad I did, because who would I be then.

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      2. That’s cool, I’m always trying t0 grow as a reader too. I got into poetry reading it on the internet mostly. The reading and writing community on the internet is such an inspiration. 🙂

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