The Traitor’s Crux // Spoiler Free Book Review – earc

Thank you so much to Oftomes Publishing for sending me a free copy of The Traitor’s Crux in exchange for an honest review.

Title: The Traitor’s Crux

Author: Jessica Prather

Genre: Fantasy

Publshing Date: November 14th 2017

Publisher: Oftomes Publishing

Pages: 332

Rating: 3 Stars

In a country ravaged by years of war, plague, and death, witches and wizards are blamed for the state of the world and hunted by the U.S. government. Kenadee Coria was only a young girl when her brother was taken prisoner for having magical powers. 

Now sixteen years old, Kenadee discovers she too has magical powers and must face the facts: the government is watching, and they have plans for her. She’s given a deadly mission and an impossible ultimatum: the lives of a hidden group of magic refugees, or the safe return of her long-lost brother.

When I first saw the cover of this book and when I first heard what this book was about, I was excited! I honestly was to read this but I didn’t love it.

I have been falling out of love with Fantasy lately and I really want to find that book to make me fall IN love with the genre again. This book was not that book.

I wasn’t the biggest fan of the characters. I don’t think there was one character that I ended up loving, which sucks because the characters are a big part of me enjoying the book. There wasn’t a lot of character development and I wanted Kenadee to to be a brillant badass character by the end of the book but she was not.

At the beginning of the book a lot of the chapter’s were really long which made the book drag in. I found that in these chapters not a lot of plot was going on. Due to this, I wasn’t enjoying myself while reading.

There was many times were I thought about DNFing The Traitor’s Crux but I somehow managed to push through it. And I am so happy I did to be honest.

I started to get more into the book closer to the end. I felt like the plot took an interesting turn and I finally got sucked into it. Its sucks that this had to happen near the end but I am happy I found some sort of enjoyment while reading.

The chapters also started to get smaller which made me happy! This was also another reason to why I started reading faster.

I really enjoyed the authors writing. Even though I was struggling to read at tge beginning, as I said before that was due to the chapter length. It had nothing to do with the writing. I think the writing was a big part of me wanting to continue reading.

I think I was going to give this book two stars but the last 150 pages or so definitely made the rating go up to three stars.

Alot of other people really enjoyed this book so if you decided to give it a try, I’d love to hear what you thought about it. You might actually love it!

I know this is a pretty short review but I don’t have a ton of feelings about it so yeah i’m sorry!

I hope to do more reviews at some point so hopefully I will start loving more books. That is it for this review!! Byee! Shannon♡


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