Hello! For the fourth day of Blogmas I am here to share some of my tips for when it comes to Christmas shopping!

Do not leave it to the last minute!!

My dad does this every year! He always goes shopping on Christmas Eve or two days before and every year he always come in and complain about the amount of people doing last minute shopping.

Online shopping

I know a lot of people say “support your local shops” and everything but some times you can not find what you are looking for in the actual shops. This is where online shops come in handy. You can shop online for stuff you cant find in shops, most of the time it is cheaper and you can do this by yourself with no one around you.

Start shopping months before

My mum pretty much thinks about Christmas all year round but she doesn’t really start her shopping until after my birthday which is in September.  I know a lot of people think that that is to early to start shopping for Christmas but if you do this, you will not be as stressed when December comes along.

Think about what you are going to buy before hand

Before you evening go to the shops, start thinking about what you are going to buy for certain people. This will help you from getting very stressed out!

Give yourself a budget

If you a have a lot of people to shop for, give yourself a budget for each person. If you start buying tons of stuff for one person and then you realise that you are running out of money but still have more people to buy for. You have got a little problem. So I suggest you make a budget.

So those are my tips for Christmas shopping! Do you agree with any of these? What tips would you suggest?





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